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Welcome to my new blog, Behind the Lens

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

This is my official hello and welcome to my blog: Behind the Lense! For those that are new here, I’m Shaune Thompson. A self-taught Montreal based photographer whose specialty is cityscape, landscape and pet photography (because who doesn’t love dogs!?).

As a creative and entrepreneur working in the print and graphic design field for over 35 years, photography naturally became a new skill in my tool box. But it became my passion during my 2010 trip to Alaska where I visually documented its incredible landscapes. For the past 12 years, I’ve been capturing the beauty of Montreal and our renowned landmarks. Here are two of my favourite photos:

When I travelled to Alaska, I visited the Denali National Park and during my guided tour, I was able to capture Mount Denali in full view almost out of the clouds. Apparently that only happens 30% or less of the year. To this day it is a special photo for me.

Night Comes On featuring Leonard Cohen is one of my favourite Montreal shots. Leonard Cohen comes to life as he glows in the evening light downtown Montreal. It's also a favourite with my art collectors.


I want to share my photography journey with you. In this blog you can find my new artwork releases, upcoming exhibitions and events, travels, behind-the-scenes of my projects, and stories from around the city of Montreal. I’m very excited to bring you along my journey and see what I see, behind the lense!

"Photography is a visual love affair with life. Isolating and framing a part of the world in a photograph is to evoke an emotion, represent a city or landscape and in the end, tell my story."



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