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Caring for your artwork

Sunlight and fading?

Art doesn’t fare well in super sun. Over time direct sunlight can fade or damage the piece, so try not to place a cherished piece on an always-bright wall. 



A good rule of thumb is to leave your most valuable pieces out of bathroom and kitchen areas that experience a variety of humidities. Over time this can damage or warp your art. Canvas prints are stretched around a wooden frame, so they are susceptible to dramatic changes in humidity as well. If your home has heating and AC and you don’t live in an incredibly humid climate, you’re otherwise good to go.


How do i frame this?

Paper prints: I offer standard sizes wherever possible, so you can look for off-the-shelf frames from places like Ikea, Omer deserres or Michaels. Prefer a custom frame? I recommend going with a local shop whenever possible, because they’re the best.


Canvas prints: I typically recommend a float-frame style for these. It finishes the piece but the frame does not sit against the piece and gives it a bit of dimension.


Cleaning and dusting?

Fine Art Prints: you may gently dust the front with a dry feather duster. Do not rub or wipe across the print with your hands, and obviously don’t use anything wet or spray anything onto the piece, as it may damage the print.


Canvas prints: same applies, you can gently dust it with a feather duster but don’t rub the surface with cloth, and don’t spray anything on it as it could damage the image and dimple the canvas.

Framed glass prints: you may clean the glass with windex or other glass-suitable cleaners.

Acrylic and metal prints: treat it like your TV or your eyeglasses and wipe very gently with a microfiber cloth, the surface can be scratched otherwise.

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